MI Group Suite of services

MI Group Suite of Services

By Manuel, March 30, 2018

MI Group USA

Connecting Your Business

To More Opportunities

With  MI Group Suite of services you can share daily deals and offers, connect to suppliers and buyers, bring your creatives to life, communicate instantly and more.

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About MI Group: Provides a cadre of mobile and internet solutions for small and medium-size companies or SMEs. Businesses use our services to create and or develop their presence online across all mobile and internet channels including Mobile, eMarketing, eBusiness, eCommerce and Logistics. Though we started MI Group to help SMEs get a better footprint of their online presence, we have extended our solution to include drop-shipping or order fulfillment services to complete the round of solutions we can offer to businesses.

Over the past 7 years, MI Group through its predecessors, have played an integral role in empowering businesses to establish and build successful online presence. Our clients are individual entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, brands and organizations with vibrant determination. They wear many hats and juggle many responsibilities and need to ensure the best use of their time. Though they may not all be technology savvy, our clients want the benefits of the latest technologies in various forms across mobile and internet to help them remain “top of mind” and competitive. Since our inception, we have been a trusted partner and source for our clients

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